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Erin Sheldon, Office Manager

Erin developed a passion for animals at a very young age. At age six she was riding horses and spending any free time she could at the barn. Growing up she always had rescue dogs and a cat that she rescued when she was four years old named Whiskers. Erin's dad always said "No cats!" but she was able to convince him that Whiskers had stolen her heart and there was no turning back.  Whiskers was a part of their family for twenty-one years. Needless to say, Erin's dad fell in love with Whiskers too! Erin's pets also included box turtles that would show up in her back yard that her mom would allow her keep for a few weeks if injured, then back to the creek once healed! Erin was the President of the Animal Rescue Club in High School, helping with adoption events and working at local animal shelters. Erin and her boyfriend, Eric, currently have five children all with four legs, two dogs, Marley and Keiko, and three cats, Ruca, Chaos, and Skoshi, which were all rescues. Life wouldn't be the same without them. Erin has worked for veterinary clinics for the past five years.  Erin looks forward to growing with East Roswell Vet Hospital and her new family, the staff, the patients and their families who come to the clinic.